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oh my god how beautiful.....
the perfect pictures from a perfect pairing....
Joseph and Joe...
more, more, more....

parisot jean

I amvery happy for your contact and I hope in nex time to buy one of beautiful pictures. sory for my english bur I am French.


Now that hardly seems fair ...


"I do believe that I'm growing tired of seeing all of these anorexic, skinny guys. I think that a man should have some meat on his bones. "

This coming from a guy with a near perfect body?

From what I gleaned, I can see why he's payed to look good and not to think.


Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs is also from Jamestown.

Who knew such talent could come from such a small burg!

whitney houston

yeah but he's short.


This guy has to be delusional if he believes his popularity lies anywhere outside of the gay community. But delusional or not he is something to look at!!!


such a beuatiful guy
he is on PREF mag

Quel beau mec! il est dans le PREF magazine ( hors-serie)

j'adore BEATIFUL


seb&fred de

Philip Weisman

Speaking of the TALENT from Jamestown, NY, let us not forget Lucille "I Love Lucy" Ball: Hattie Carnegie model, Goldwyn Girl, RKO starlet and Co-discoverer of Ann Miller,along with RKO Talent Coordinator Lela Rogers (Ginger's Mom), M-G-M starlet, wife of Desi Arnez, Television Superstar and the First Woman Television Executive. She became a Hollywood Superstar,over night, after 20 years as a second tier Movie Star and M-G-M's "Tessie Technicolor", because of how the color film process photographed her hair. Lucy was known for inserting references to Jamestown in the various "Lucy" TV scripts.


Honestly, why do some of you people make negative comments? Didn't your mother teach you that "if you can't say something nice then DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL"? Joseph, you have a beautiful physic, beautiful presence and I know from experience that you are VERY intelligent. Nobody is perfect and those who aren't even close love to be negative towards those who are. Keep doing what you are doing because a famous person once quoted "At the end of the day, I still get paid to look this way". Loves ya!

Dirty Geek

OMG, what a beautiful specimen of manhood! I'll take 2 please! ;)


Why do we lead Joseph down those dark, scary paths where thinking men reside? Too much of a challenge for a man who should stick to looking pretty and not tax his brain. Better he should remain on the vapid, sunny side of his own street.


Someone labeled him a "model"?
People can be so cruel.


Dont care what people sayed...5,6 feet tall!?! Dont give a fuck...this guy is just absolutly STUNNING! Damn....!!! He's just tooooooo hot.Did u see a body like that?Very fuckface too.He's sexy and is a very good model.He's a legend.Joseph : Call me later !
Peace ! :)


I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who read this interview. This website is AMAZING. I cannot believe how up-to-date it is. I appreciate the comments and compliments. One bothers me quite a bit, though. I don't know if that person skipped over it or read it and it didn't register in his or her brain, but anyways I'm a BIOLOGY major, which is the equivalent to Premed but with specialized focus in Biology.

Thank you very much Rob, Yannick, and Egon!



Is he single?


I was reading this wonderful blog, which has been so good to me, and was distressed by peoples reactions to some of Joe's comments.
For the record, Joe is not only an amazingly handsome on the outside, he is genuinely and equally as beautiful on the inside.
He is a smart man, a kind man, and a good friend. Dont hate, the world is a wonderful place, and more beautiful with Joe in it.
Joe Oppedisano


The PREF issue that features these pictures is on ebay and autographed by both Joe Oppedisano and Joe Sayers.


This comment pertains mostly to just Joe and Joseph, mostly because most of the others on this list are a bunch of mindless twits who only seem to feel good running someone else down. How very sad.

First off, Joseph, I very much like your work and reading what you have to say. I have read more than one interview with you today and you seem both charming, and eloquent. Granted, you did not give an opinion on the gay fan base and I for one think it is a very wise decision. There is no sense in alienating any people based on what they choose to do in their bedrooms. Whatever that may be. I applaud you and your career, and hope to see many more great things from you. You are an inspiration for others and to have them try to be successful as well. I would be proud to call you my brother, son, father, lover or friend. Keep reaching for the stars.

And Joe, you do amazingly beautiful work. Granted, you have a great start with an awesome model in Joseph but not everyone would have your eye. I am humbled by your talents and dabble in photography myself. You too are an inspiration. I have studied your photos for the lighting, placement, colors, detail. I feel my skill improve just in the notes I took on compositional skills alone. Fine fine work.

I applaud you both. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.

Best Regards,



What a man!!! OMG

joseph's group

join the yahoo group for Joseph the one and only! ;)


I agree so much with joseph, and what some of the people said, but not all. I dont understand why, being a model, he isn't entitled to his own opinion, or allowed to be intelligent.

But such is life. and Joseph is BEAUTIFUL.

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