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I agree. He is a raging stallion. And the fact that he's got a tattoo instead of hair is just so sexy.


il est trop beau
he's so gorgeous


I saw him at the 2004 Gay Erotic Expo live. He is so freaking hot and was the hit of the show. He definitely knows how to satisfy an audience and was not shy at all at taking his clothes off and showing a huge boner as hundreds of cameras flash.


when you visit amsterdam, by the gay canel pride this year/


Francois Sagat is the most handsome macho dude I have ever seen. I would like to have good sex with him. xxx


I LOVE him, it's not just he's sexy and muscular, every part of his body turns me sooo on and makes me sooo hard... he's the best man whole over the world and i'm very sad that I can't get in contact with him, becuasue there is no chance! Francois, if you read this : "I LOVE YOU!"


this blog are very nice
i love a francois sagat
that it´s all

willy paredes

i think he's the best out there now i fall in love with him sence my best friend bought me hes vidio. I also want to be on the porn and modelling industy and now more after reading his bio. I think hi is awsome and hope to be like him one day


jeg elsker han!!!!!!!!!!


oh man i wish i could suck his hot french cock, man he blows my mind


i am in love with you francois!


I think he is awsome and unique too coz he has the star of islam on his back and his name in Greek on his Left lower arm I think he's nothing short of AMAZING and should go for President of the EU
Stav xxx


i loved him and i hope to make sexual relation with him


t le plus bo françois et t tro sex


Francois is beyond hot. He also has great charisma, which is something you don't see all the time in a performer of any genre. The fact that he is bisexual makes him more interesting too. Whether he's straight for pay only, doesn't matter, it's still interesting that he's an equal opportunity fuck regarding that




the things i could do to this man.. my god... i seen him for the first time like 2 years ago and he is by farrrrrr the hottest porn star i have seen and his body just makes you want to lick it till your tounge starts to hurt.. and the head tat.. that just makes all the more better


Alpha body yes but that face! The details are amazing. This is the face Isolde saw after she drank the love potion. God I hope is intelligent as well because if he has more than the face and body he could rule the world!


Francois Sagat is a star of meteoric proportions. When I first saw Sagat, he was much younger and I INSTANTLY KNEW that he would appeal to the masses unlike most (if not all) other performers. I just hope that he remains somewhat "grounded" as an "iconic superstar" because I believe that it is virtually improbable to not let the fame take hold. The thing that may be a distraction/detriment to his status could be the very thing that made him (aside from overexposure) his sexuality. There is a scene in which he passionately french kisses a beautiful woman (they made out like it was the last supper) which may make some in the gay community question his statements that he is gay....although I personally don't care one way or the other, because no matter who FRANCOIS SAGAT KISSES/FUCKS he will always be [ARGUABLY?] ONE OF, IF NOT THEEE SEXIEST SEXUAL MAN IN OUR LIFETIME. Francois a very shrewd businessman and is doing EXACTLY as I thought he would: HE HAS HYPNOTIZED US INTO HIS PANTING, LUSTFUL, SLAVES! I FOR ONE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR AMAZING GIFT TO THE WORLD FRANCOIS.

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