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Adrianne Carroll

Hi, I am Adrianne, he is so fine & well rounded I hope he goes far in his career and everything..Thank You
-Adrianne C.


pleasa e-mail me


Hey Hottie~~~ when are we getting married?? just kidding!! You were so hot in the SHE'S THE MAN movie! we should hook up some time!!

love ya

Rebecca Joy



Please E-mail me so i can Hear from you.. your sooooooo BEAUTIFUL..


channing is the hottist guy i have ever seen!!!!!!i love him!i am 11 but i still do!call me baby


call me email me! i am 11 and it would make my day if u would i love channing he is my little kid crush i still im a kid i loved u in shes the man u r my favorite model!!!!!!!email me

Mackenna Perkins

Hey....I just saw "She's the man"!!! And I saw you in "Coach Carter" and u were sooo HOT in that movie u really play soccer or not? I play Fury in Norman I really would like to be an actress or whatever oneday...maybe i will or won't....but i would really like to talk or meet ( if i become an actress) with u sometime....and amanda bynes is so lucky to kiss u!!!!lol but hey talk to me when u get the chance!!!


Caiden .Y.

Hey Channing!!! Ok well the girl who just commented you is my friend (Mackenna) and yeah we did just go to see she's the man!! I know, and u were in it!!! Ok well my friend thinks that u r going to call her someday!!MMMMMKKKKK you must get A LOT of these e-mails telling how hot you are and how cute you are in the movie and things like that!! So what do you think of those comments?? I bet you think thats some of them r really weird because they are from little kids!!Ok well i got 2 go talk to you later!! OH and i play on Fury 2!! BI BI!!

Love always,
Caiden .Y.

Lauren && Nicolle



ayee OmG juzzttt to lett yo0h n00ee...all de chixx g0t freakedd outtt coz theree wazz sum hawtiie in she's de man n we all no iitzz yo0h lol.....omgg urrr smokiinn hott lol....annii chiik couldd easily hook up wit yo0h cozz urrr fknn sexsiii lol....aniiwaii im gonna get out off here n take a l0ok at morr of yo0ur pikzz aiightt....mwahzzz biiie biiieee sexsiii bummm


hi channing!
i just saw the movie "she's the man"!!! & you are very good acterr!!!!
you are sooooooo sexy!!!
what do you most like- to be model or to be actor?!
i want so much to talk with you!!
pleass write me as soon as you can!!
love Stav


happy birthday Channing !!
that all your wishes come true

happy 26 birthday handsome



I think Channing Tatum is sooo hot <3 <3


omg ur soo sexy, email me plzz <3


i think you are so cool and hot u make oliver james look ugly i wish i could meet you your awsome if you have a gf shes lucky to have you i wish i was her


channing is the most hotest thing in the world boy do i want to break meoff apiece of that. man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111.


omg channing ur fuckin sexii plz send me apick ! UR SOOOO HOTT I LUV U !!


Hey Channing,
Im a model to...from Australia. I went to see She's the Man the other day and the first thing i recognised was u! I waited back for the credits so i could see your name cause i hadnt seen u before! it was awesome to find out that you were a model to! All the best with ur future acting and modelling! And im going to go check out Supercross and Step Up now!
Luv always Annie oxox


oh my gosh..
sexiest man i've ever seen =o


btw, i saw 'she's the man' last night, and i've never laughed so hard in my life.. it was the best movie i've ever seen!..


channing you are a handsome guy :D
She's the man was great. gOOD luck with all youR other movies


Channing Tatum = total hottie!!!!

Kelly DeGroote

Hey ....u were so FINE in your movie She's The Man.....hottest guy ive seen.....are you really that sweet in real life?....well hope to talk to you soon.


You are absolutely gorgeous, I know you get tons of these but it would be awesome to hear from you..So then you could break the mold of the stereotypical hunkie actor who doesn't respond to his fans;) keep the good work sexy!

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