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Rob (aka "Ziggy")

Holy about your "male perfection." I think you're right...God definitely had Frédéric in mind when he created man. I think this guy was the mold for everything beautiful in the male persona. about drool. Thanks for sharing this hunk with us, beautiful.


Maria La'O

I would be willing to go to the guillotine here in Arabia if I could only spend one night in bed with this gorgeous individual. At least I have something beautiful to remember before my head is separated from my body.


He's even married. :( *cries* He married very young (at 21 it's reported) with Vanessa, a Business student like him. That's how they meet i read. And the're planning to launch a clothes line with a bunch of friends too, Christole something.

What a fu****g pity!

But there's this vid OMG! So sexy! I lurv' his voice. I don't even need to understand what he's saying. I drooled over it all the afternoon.

Maybe he's bi? I can still dream.


He is not married!!!


I think he's at present one of the hottest men on the earth...!



I have a request more than anything. VERY IMPORTANT!!!If anyone know how to get in touch with his agent or an email.. There is fake(Frederic Michalak) on my space that totally has been lying about who he is. It is a total disgrace and is making FM look bad. If anyone had any info could you plz sned it over.


I ran into him in Toulouse's "La Factory" nightclub yesterday and he actually wasn't a very nice person.


I would love to know who the guy in the LOM mag is. He is on the same page as Frederic Michalak dated October 27, 2005. He rather looks like Frederic, his jeans are open and he has his jacket open as well. I do not see a date on the Mag anywhere. If you know who he is, please tell.



Those tattoos arent his only ones. He also has a tattoo on his COCK!


je cherche un photographe


Mon Dieu
J'adore Frederic Michalak, il est très beau.


Mon Dieu
J'adore Frederic Michalak, il est très beau.


Does anyone know where to find a full and clear pic of his tattoo? I want one just like it on my cheek, looks so good

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